Pancakes Delta 8 Infused Hemp Blunt

Pancakes | Delta8 2g Infused Hemp Blunt – 14 Pack


Pancakes Delta 8 Infused Hemp Blunt

Pancakes Delta 8 Infused Hemp Blunt for sale. Begin the session with some Cookies Delta 8 Blunts. Inspired by your favorite Cookie flavors, these highly strong Delta 8 Blunts contain entire bud CBD and CBG flower. Finished with a glass filter tip and wrapped in premium hemp for a smooth, even burning smoke that provides strong hits and a long-lasting, euphoric high.

Pancakes Delta 8 Infused Hemp Blunt for sale

Pancakes Delta 8 Blunts contain the delectable aroma of blueberry pancakes, which is nicely balanced by a buttery sweet berry flavor in every hit. Pancakes’ sativa hybrid properties make it ideal for a weekend wake-and-bake or a soothing lunchtime session.


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